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 General Counsel & Outside  Counsel Services

 Solano Law Firm serves as General Counsel and Outside Counsel to companies and nonprofits.

This allows your company to have an established relationship with Solano Law Firm and access to on-demand legal counsel when you need it.  

The role of an On-Demand General Counsel or Outside Counsel is to collaborate with your business leaders to create the legal strategy and objectives specific to your organization.  From there, our team works with yours to help execute those objectives.  Some of our services include the following:

  • Respond to settlement demand letters and draft other legal correspondence

  • Draft legal memorandums


  • Respond to administrative agency charges

  • Draft invoices


  • Draft or review contracts

  • Develop and implement employment handbooks, policies, and procedures

  • Help you stay current with regulations

  • Develop a custom legal strategy


  • Oversee delivery of legal services

  • Audit and create compliance programs

  • Advise your C-Suite


  • Participate in the formation of general management policy


  • Provide Counsel to your company's various teams


 On-Demand General Counsel Pricing

You may be running a small business and think that you cannot afford to have your own in-house legal counsel like some of the bigger companies, let alone an entire legal department. However, even though your business may be small, that doesn’t keep you from running into all the same legal issues as larger companies. Even the smallest of companies must deal with employment issues; tax matters; contracts with customers, vendors, real estate purchases or leases; etc.


Having an attorney on hand to help with these matters can prove invaluable for maintaining legal compliance and preventing disputes from arising or growing out of control.

The Solano Law Firm offers General Counsel and Outside Counsel ​services as a monthly package of hours at a flat rate.  Any hours that exceed the set hours for the month are billed at the same reasonable rate as your monthly package— instead of the standard hourly rate for legal counsel.

The firm’s General Counsel and Outside Counsel services allow business clients to access the firm for advice and legal services as needed, under a monthly billing arrangement. The ability to call an attorney with questions, without the fear of being billed by the minute, is a huge relief and valuable benefit to many business owners who are smart enough to know when they need help, and who now have a cost-effective means of obtaining that assistance.

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On-Demand General Counsel/Outside Counsel 

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*Disclaimer-An Attorney-Client relationship is not formed by viewing information on this website or contacting Solano Law Firm. Furthermore, no representations are being made to communicate that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services to be performed by other lawyers. 

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